TechJPR June Newsletter - Drinks this Wednesday

We’re gearing up for the @pocketlint/@techjpr/@TouchdownPRnews #techtavern meet up on Wednesday – we’re gonna party like it’s Windows 95! We also have new tech jobs, an E3 retrospective, and we take a look at what else is in store at London Tech Week… 

Time to get our drink on with…

What: Drinks with fellow TechJPRers to celebrate London Tech Week (and whatever else you’d like to toast to).
When: This Wednesday 18 June, 6pm at The Fable in Holborn.
Who: TechJPR peeps, sponsors Touchdown PR, Pocketlint (as part of their week-long Tech Tavern). Lots of cool people will be there.
How: Well, all the tickets are already gone. And there’s a big waiting list. So…
If you’re one of the lucky people who managed to snag some of those precious tickets, we shall see you there! @mrmickeylowe worked out that a ticket went every 24 seconds. Then @christhall realised that Jack Bauer had been left off the guest list. It’s okay though, we think he’s busy entertaining elsewhere…

Some other little events

Past: E3 – The Good: Hatoful Boyfriend is getting an English version for PC and Mac! The Bad: There were more severed heads than female presenters at this year’s event. The Even Worse: @Ubisoft’s response to the Assassin’s Creed backlash wasn’t the best (what, no Charlotte Corday?!). But every cloudhere are some of our fave #womenaretoohardtoanimate tweets.
Present: And, of course, London Tech Week has arrived (starting from today!) We can’t wait to hear about the capital’s thriving tech scene with events such as the Big Data Debate, Tech Founder Talks and Pitch Perfect. And of course, TechJPR’s very own celebration on Wednesday evening.
Future: The FT is launching its inaugural FT Cyber Security Summit on 3 September, in London. It promises a host of policy makers, business leaders and IT security experts to talk about cyber space crime and threats. Confirmed speakers include security heads from Barclays, NATO and European Commission. Check out the hashtag here: #FTcyber.

TechJPR Twitter Trawl

Charity shoutouts

  • Our very own Daryl Willcox (of DWPub fame), is about to brave Mont Blanc for Alzheimer’s Society. He’s got his boots all ready, bless. If you’d like to donate to this worthy cause, it’s not too late: http://www.justgiving.com/MontBlancDaryl. No doubt we’ll be able to update you about his challenge in time for the next newsletter.
  • And, as hinted last time, we hear from @axicom’s @emmaloucarey about her charity travels for microfinance charity MicroLoan:
    Without any intense gym training, I can happily report that I managed to (somehow) complete the 2014 Malawi Challenge in aid of microfinance charity, MicroLoan. The trip not only involved a 4-day trek up the highest mountain in Malawi, but also provided me with the opportunity to gain some real insight into the work MicroLoan is doing to help impoverished women in Sub-Saharan Africa work their way out of poverty through small loans (average £60).
    The majority of rural communities in Malawi live in extreme poverty with 40% living below the poverty line. Reading frightening statistics like this would entice anyone to help contribute towards a great charity like MicroLoan. So instead of doing the British 10K run, I opted to take on the 3002m Mount Mulanje, and raised nearly £1,500 – that’s the equivalent of 25 individual loans towards female entrepreneurs setting up businesses like tea rooms or grocery shops.
    I cannot put into words how enjoyable and empowering it was meeting MicroLoan’s clients, hearing first-hand how these small loans are making such a significant difference in their lives.
    Having blown away my original goal of £1,200, I have now increased my target to £1800, and plan to raise more awareness and funds with my local community in Ireland next month.
    To find out more information about this fantastic initiative or to make a donation, simply visit my JustGiving page.
Jobs and things to do

Tech industry hodgepodge

  • You may have heard of the growing discontent among cab drivers over e-hailing cabs such as Hailo and Uber, the former of which is changing its service to include drivers that don’t hold individual licenses and are not trained in the much revered “The Knowledge”. With a demonstration last Wednesday, and even graffiti outside Hailo’s head office, the debate is open: a fair response to passenger need or taxi drivers’ betrayal? Check out @Rich Trenholm’s excellent CNET article for detailed information.
  • @MCVmagazine has relaunched; the trade computer games weekly has introduced new sections, more data, industry columnists, and introduced a new Big Game feature that goes in-depth on a new game each week. Check out editor @Chris Dring’s announcement here.
  • And so has @TechRadar. Having already redesigned the front web page, the team are planning to redesign other pages and introduce new ones over the coming months.
  • @DianeShipley is now writing for shinyshiny.tv and is open to relevant press releases (hopefully of the shiny shiny sort), especially health and tech, new mobiles, tablets and gadgets. Email her at dianeshipleyworks@gmail.com.
  • Hold the press: a ‘new breed’ of IT decision maker has been unearthed: the ‘human CIO’. Research from HubSpotBrightfire and Octopus has concluded that as well as IT decision makers being more mobile in conducting their research, 67% believe there are often inconsistencies in how tech brands communicate to them, and 75% value brands who publish their own content, up from 55% in 2013. Most CIOs use over twenty different channels to gather information, and 76% want more personal engagement from vendors.
We are so excited about seeing you all at the Tech Tavern; this is how we’ll be greeting you, so keep an eye out for us! And don’t you dare wear the same outfit.

Get in touch via hello@techjpr.com/@techjpr, or even @PJ_DWPub and @DWPubLaura

TechJPR ‘Lets get into STEM’ May 2014 Newsletter


After a long trek, we’re back with news of your good works, getting more fems in STEM, unfortunateness at smartphone launches, and memories of bad tech movies from the 90s. We managed to block out ‘Short Circuit: 2’. Actually, oops, guess not.   

Fantasy Football Finale

@owenwaters dismantled and dominated the @techjpr fantasy football league and takes his place as the Ultimate Fantasy Football Champion (and £250 in Amazon vouchers – that’s a fair few copies of ‘Cookin’ With Coolio’s-worth).   

Please note: @Phil_Harman won for April. But didn’t win the war. But sterling work there, Phil!


A big shout out to @EmmaLouCarey @AxiCom, who’s just returned from taking part in the Malawi Challenge, a 10 day visit including a four-day trek up Mount Mulanje for the MicroLoan Foundation. This charity raises funds for women in Africa to help them set up their own businesses using micro-financing initiatives and charities. We’ll be hearing from Emma in the next newsletter!

@SalinaChristmas admits she can’t swim, but is braving her first triathlon for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Swimming across the open water of the Serpentine is no mean feat! As Salina says: “A frank chat with the coach informs me that I am better off being a duathlete.” You can do it, Salina! Read more about her mission and her three-year triathlon plan.

Want to get involved in something? Wanna be startin’ somethin’, even?  Get your hat on for Action for Brain Injury Week, or give your old iPad to a deaf learner in the Philippines, where educational apps will be installed by NMS Cares to provide a more fun and modernised way of learning.

TechJPR Twitter Trawl

-       @OhThisBloodyPC asks why everyone has to start all answers with ‘So…’ We like to start all answers with an eyeroll and derisory ‘…omg, seriously?’’ because it’s just good sense.

-       @BambooPR had a good day. We broke ‘em off somethin.

-       @daithaigilbert flagged up some misogyny at the P7 launch, as well as excruciating longness.

-       Get ready for the reign of @ScoopMaxwell. We hope you will be a benevolent ruler, Kevin.

-       A shoutout goes to @Fezenopa who found this  gem: urchins reacting to Walkmans.


-       @somit09 is looking for a boutique PR agency with good credibility. Those with bad credibility (who we’re imaging look like this) need not apply.

-       If you have “infectious curiosity”, we aren’t medically trained to prescribe you medicine for that – but @ProofComm are looking to hire one of the curiosity-afflicted as an Account Manager.

-       Why not make a movie to make money?

-       @MadBennett announced the news that V3 are looking for a reporter with a passion for IT and the tech scene - think Sandra Bullock in ‘The Net’.

-       @ITPro want a Staff Writer. Think that bit in ‘Disclosure’ when Michael Douglas hacks into Demi Moore’s computer. Why? Because it’s still hilarious, that’s why.

-       @onebitecomms would very much like an account director. Think…about applying to be their account director.


Love is in the air…at least in a business sense. PR-client matchmaker @RichLeighPR is working on a new way to connect smaller PR companies with new clients. 80 freelancers and small agencies with all sorts of experience from all over the world have already signed up and matches are being made as we speak! (well, write). Want to get involved? Sign up here.

What motivates you? (“BISCUITS!”) Tech recruitment agency Zenopa has surveyed 168 tech PRs to find out what’s really important to them. Results include a strong preference for a mix of clients rather than niche, a desire to work for a small agency, and a strong like for integrated campaigns. Surprisingly, only 11% wanted to work on purely B2C accounts. Keep your eyes peeled for an event, with some big hitters in the tech agency sector speaking. For a more detailed report, get in touch with Faizaan Sackett.

The debate over the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule from the European Union Court of Justice is still ongoing. An attack on freedom of information or protection of privacy? And what does this mean for brands? Bell Pottinger’s partner & MD, James Thomlinson, says that while fewer, less relevant results in Google may help a brand’s reputation, it is no substitute for the availability of shareable content. Have an opinion? Tweet us! #techjprdebates.



Not an event exactly, but the YourLife campaign is well underway, encouraging more women to take careers in STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Women in these fields are often underrepresented, with fewer than 1 in 10 UK engineering professionals being female. Check the vid out here.

Not an event exactly (do you see a trend forming here?), but Connecting Tech City #GrowTechCity is on a crowd-funding mission to build a web platform to connect London’s tech firms with local young people. It’s already live on Indiegogo and has a video campaign too.

Ah, here’s an event. This week is the first ever Digital Oxford Week, bringing together startups, tech firms, creative and developers together under one network. It’s on until 18 May, so check it out here.

This was an event, and we still love it: http://imgur.com/a/SjcgE.


We’ll be back around the same time next month – if you’d like to get in touch in the meantime with goss, we’re at hello@techjpr.com.




We want to say a big sorry to all those who have been unable to get on to the list for our Xmas party. And also to those who have got on the list, who may find themselves a bit squished tomorrow evening.

Basically, we screwed up and booked a postage-stamp-sized venue instead of the O2 Arena which would have just about fitted everyone in. So the event filled up almost as soon as we mentioned it on the email newsletter and this is why some of you may not have realised we were even having an Xmas party.

Please forgive us, we promise to book a much bigger venue next time and we hope this next event will be not too far off in the Spring.

Also, we had a lot of interest in sponsoring the next event but we decided that DWPub should pick up the tab this time around, mainly to show support to the group and also to keep things simple. There will definitely be opportunities to sponsor the next one. Let us know at hello@techjpr.com if you’re interested.

(Ps If you’re not already getting it then sign up for the email newsletter – it is where all TechJPR events will be announced first.)